Tips on Doing Business With Charlotte County

  • To enable your firm's placement in our automated Vendor's Listing System, be certain to complete the required two-step process - Vendor's Application and Details Sheets.
  • When you are notified and elect to receive a bid package, read all bid documents/requests and follow instructions. Do not alter any bid document(s) or other forms unless required to do so by way of an addendum issued by Charlotte County.
  • Be sure to submit the bid/quote before the date/time specified in the document(s), sign all documents where indicated and initial all approved changes.
  • Firms who submit a bid are generally notified via letter to whom the bid was awarded.
  • Get to know the purchasing needs of Charlotte County by keeping in contact.
  • Follow bid advertisements in the Purchasing Department, Suite 344, local newspapers, automated fax on demand system and other publications.
  • Maintain a good reputation for service and reliability.
  • Ask questions if you do not understand. DON'T ASSUME.

    Purchasing with Charlotte County
    "Together in Quality, Integrity & Service"

Please report problems with the vendor website to

the Charlotte County Help Desk.